In November of 2015, a quick San Francisco coffee shop visit would start the journey to take an existing idea of Los Angeles based Two Bit Circus out of California and introduce it to now over 8,000 students in the North Texas area.  (see History page for information on Two Bit Circus)

An immediate connection with Two Bit Circus founders Brent Bushnell and Eric Gradman and the ESC team helped the idea pick up a lot of STEAM as the carnival came to town for the first time in October 2016.  The ESC facility was transformed for three days into a hands-on field trip experience like no other for over 4,000 students from 36 different schools.

Partnering with Two Bit Circus as well as others such as Bell Helicopter, Lockheed Martin, NASA, Cisco, Microsoft, Sphero, Texas Parks and Wildlife, zSpace, and multiple local museums, the carnival provides a 3 hour experience that leaves the kids wanting more.  From indoor planetariums to coding to robots and even life-size animatronic dinosaurs, there is something that will peak the curiosity of all in attendance while allowing them to “play” during the learning experience.

Walt Disney said, “I would rather entertain and hope that people learn something than educate people and hope they are entertained.”  The Carnival does just that on a whole new level for STEAM education.

During the 2017 event, over 4,200 students participated from over 50 different schools as 23 partners showcased their products and services throughout 4 Carnival Zones.  Each partner station provides hands-on experiences for students and contains something for everyone.  Who knew learning could be so much fun?

The 2018 STEAM Carnival is poised to be even bigger and better than the first two successful years.  Beginning October 22nd, the three day event has been generating buzz and ticket requests since early February.

For more information on participation, please use the following links:

Ticket Information     |     Student Showcase     |     CTE Showcase