What is the Student Showcase?

The STEAM Carnival began in 2016 and is growing each year with new and exciting activities for the participants. One of our biggest attractions is our Student Showcase zone. Region 11 schools nominate their projects and programs for the chance to be chosen to showcase their ideas and creations to 1,200+ students during one of the carnival days. As the first zone for our attendees, the Student Showcase helps set the tone for their entire experience!

How do I nominate my project or program?

Nominations for projects will begin at the end of August using a simple Google Form. As nominations are received, they are screened by the ESC 11 STEAM Team and confirmations are sent back to the nominating sponsor. Typically this process happens 2-3 times per week until the cutoff date for nominations. Upon confirmation a time slot will be assigned for setup, interaction time with students and a FREE trip through the STEAM Carnival for your group*.

* Please note that each accepted showcase group will receive up to 6 free tickets for the Carnival. Additional student tickets can be purchased through our registration system for $3 each.

Nominate Your Project or Program Here!

What makes a good Student Showcase nomination?

Over the past two years, we have seen everything from kindergartens showcasing their homemade kaleidoscopes to middle schoolers launching their catapult to National Champions in F1 and Solar Car racing. For us to put conditions on the nominations would be stifling to the creativity that is waiting to burst out of our students. The only recommendation is to have as much interaction for our attendees as possible to enhance their Carnival experience.

What should I expect during the Student Showcase?

The day is broken into chunks for our showcase participants. Attendees will arrive throughout day between 8:30 and 2:00. Showcases can be half- or full-day depending on the age and energy level of the students. On a typical half-day showcase, the group will work with our attendees for part of the day and then join a designated start-time to enjoy the rest of what the STEAM Carnival has to offer. The second-half group will enjoy the Carnival activities and then showcase their projects or programs during the second part of the day. This gives everyone the complete experience of the STEAM Carnival!

Where do I find more information and the submission form?

In addition to the above, you are welcome to contact Linda McDonald at lmcdonald@esc11.net with specific questions that are not answered on the website.  Submissions can be made by clicking here.