Without our partners, the STEAM Carnival would never take place.  Our Midway, Warehouse, and Final Act zones are jammed packed with partner stations that give kids a hands-on experience with the latest in fun and learning.  With over 25,000 square feet of space, there is nothing that we can’t accommodate from our partners.  And yes…we did have three full-size animatronic dinosaurs last year!

What is the Partner expectation?

Partners are expected to participate and interact with the attendees throughout the three-day event.  The goal is to have hands-on experiences for the students and teachers using your programs, tools, and concepts.  Lunch is provided each day to all of our partners and breaks are taken with our staff volunteers helping man the station during breaks.  Based on the high demand that has been created to be a part of the event, we do ask that partners participate all three days.  In return, there is no fee for participating, and we will bring you a guaranteed audience of over 5,000 people that you are trying to reach (students and teachers).

Stats from Previous Carnivals
2016 Event 2017 Event
36 Schools
3,924 Student Participants
180+ Teachers and Administrators
6 Vendor Partners
53 Schools
4,277 Student Participants
230+ Teachers and Administrators
23 Vendor Partners

For more detailed information on our Partner Stations, please check out the Partner Guide link in the menu or click here for direct access.