Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions to help you plan and understand more about the STEAM Carnival.

What is the target age/grade level for the STEAM Carnival?
The “suggested” grade levels for the Carnival are 4th thru 8th graders.  We say suggested because last year we had some 3rd grade classrooms as well as high school students attend the event.  Both groups gave very positive feedback on their students experience.

How much are tickets to the 2017 STEAM Carnival?
Tickets are going to be priced at $3 per student again this year.  We want everyone to be able to enjoy the event and feel that price should not be a barrier.  Teachers attend for free with their students.

Can teachers, principals or central office staff attend the Carnival without students?
Absolutely!  We do not require any type of registration for district staff though we will be checking all adults at the door for district identification.  Just bring your badge and see what the STEAM Carnival is all about.

Can parents attend the Carnival to see their student present in the Student Showcase?
Seeing your student present and teach other students about their showcase project is a proud moment.  We want you to be able to share that moment with your child so this is allowed.  Proper identification will be required at the door.
IMPORTANT: Parents are limited to the Student Showcase zone only.  They will not be permitted to accompany their students through the rest of the event.  This is for the safety of all students.