Just a Few Spots Left for the Student Showcase

With tickets for the 2017 STEAM Carnival being sold out in less than 24 hours, there is only one way to guarantee attendance for your students.  Lucky for you there are a few spots still available for the Student Showcase.

So what is this Student Showcase?
Glad you asked!  The Student Showcase is one of the most impressive pieces of the STEAM Carnival.  Students from around the region showcase their existing work, projects or inventions based on anything related to STEAM.

We have seen catapults, battle robots, Legos, homemade games, the 5 time reigning National Champion solar car, a TV studio, timed challenges and even plants being grown without soil, harvested and eaten right here in the building!  WOW!!

So how do we sign up?
Another terrific question!  You can submit your proposal online right now by visiting the link below.  It is fairly quick and easy!

Student Showcase Submission Form

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