What to Expect at the Carnival

So…you have battled for tickets, gathered your field trip permission slips, organized buses, subs, lunches, chaperones and finally make your way to the STEAM Carnival on your scheduled date, what should I expect when I get off the bus?  Hey, great question!  Let’s take a virtual field trip (using only words right now).

Upon arrival at the Carnival, you will be greeted on your bus by one of our ESC Carnies.  They may or may not be dressed up though they are your first step in making this day smooth and maximizing the fun and learning.  They will check you in directly from your bus so that they moment you enter the building, your adventure begins.

Once you pass through the front doors of the ESC, you will immediately see the Student Showcase event (Zone 1) directly in front of you.  You make experience bands, arts, battle robots, catapults or even a news crew as you enjoy your time learning with and through other students in the region.   There is no specific order to see everything.  We want the kids to explore and flock to what interests them the most.

This Zone 1 is setup without a time limit to accommodate those arriving a little early or even those showing up a bit late.  It is recommended to show up to the Carnival 30-45 minutes before your scheduled start time so that you can see everything in the Student Showcase.  Your “start time” is actually when you will enter the doors of Zone 2.

Zone 2 is a combination of our two large (4 rooms each) conference rooms.  They will be jam packed with interactivity for your students with the majority of the attractions being hands-on and collaborative.  Each group moving through this zone will have 45 minutes to go between the two rooms and experience as much as possible  during their time.  As the time winds down, your group will exit out specific doors and make your way to Zone 3.

Zone 3 is our warehouse area where once again many interactive attractions are housed.  Again there will be 45 minutes to complete challenges, compete against your friends and maybe even enjoy a Fire and Ice side show that is new to the Carnival this year.

Upon exiting Zone 3, you will venture through the doors to the outside area where you will see EVEN MORE attractions this year.  Zone 4 is new to the STEAM Carnival and will provide you will more hands-on experiences for your students.  This is an untimed Zone so you will have the option of spending as much or as little time here based on your schedule and group.  Zone 4 will put your directly at the gate where you will meet your bus to head back to your campus.

Whew!  I got wore out just typing this up so I can’t imagine what it is going to be like on the day of the STEAM Carnival.  Hope to see you there!

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