What is a Good Student Showcase?

Often we get asked the question, “What makes for a good student showcase project or booth?”

That is a GREAT question, and one that is kind of hard to describe.  So I went to the experts and asked a few of the top participants…our students!  Here is what they had to say.

Student 1 was very interested in being able to “do something” at the booth.  He enjoyed the showcases where he was able to learn and play at the same time.  Interactivity was a must for him.

Student 2 liked a “good challenge” at the booth.  She was a mystery novel reader that loved the thrill of a puzzle, a twist or a problem that needed to be solved for success.

Student 3 was all about the “how did you do that” for the different booths.  Not only did he enjoy the seeing and doing, he wanted to go home and build one of those for himself or with friends.

Based on these three encounters from last year, I would say that the showcase is something where all types of students are going to find something that peaks their interest.  Whether they are estimating and testing their hypothesis, building and competing in robot challenges or bending their mind around the next step in a breakout challenge, students are going to having a great time at the STEAM Carnival…and they might just learn something as well.  🙂

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