Tickets On Sale – Wednesday, September 13th

Tickets for the 2017 STEAM Carnival will be going on sale on Wednesday, September 13th.  You will see a post right at 9:00 that morning with a link to register your class for tickets.  Please note that tickets will be in high demand so please ensure that you are quick to register and that the 3 options that you choose for your class will work.  A waiting list will be used this year to ensure that as many students can make the event as possible.  If for some reason your chosen date ends up not working for your schedule, it is possible that we might not be able to fulfill your request to change days/times.

Tickets for the event are $3 per student again this year.  Check back on the 13th to get signed up!

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  1. Where do I find the options? I am thinking it is the order of the choice of day that I attend with my students? Yes?

    Is the Steam Carnival the same each day?

    Thank you,
    Mary Villari
    GT Teacher

    1. Mary,

      You are correct. A post is about to go online this morning explaining the registration process in more detail. The Carnival is typically the same each day with changes to the Student Showcase and just a very small number of attractions.

      Look forward to seeing Springtown at the event!
      Rory Peacock
      ESC Region 11

  2. How many chaperones do you recommend? 1 per group of 6 or could there be more in a group of 3rd, 4th and 5th grade GT students? Have never been so am not sure how the event is structured.


    1. Great question, Staci!

      The event is setup so that there is much less formal structure than a typical event. This is on purpose so that students can openly go and explore the things that interest them the most at the Carnival. I will post a “What to Expect at the Carnival” this afternoon with a ballpark idea of how the structure, flow and all works.

      Short answer to your question, I would suggest a chaperone per 10-12 students honestly. Since the flow moves through zones, there will is plenty of oversight through the rooms. 🙂

      Rory Peacock
      ESC Region 11

  3. Will the ticket sign up be on the Tickets On Sale – Wednesday, September 13th link? Just want to best find sign up when it opens. Thank you!

    1. Sorry I didn’t see this until I had already posted the ticket sales post. Good part is that I see you got yours already reserved!


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